Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Seizing Opportunities

( I took this while I was jogging by the lake )

Currently, I've been spending my days with mom. Going shopping, walking around the lake and just enjoying my free time in Madison. Almost during every break, I spend my time outside of Madison. So it's really actually nice to actually enjoy Madison when I'm not busy.

I enjoy my family members being here in Madison. It's been a while since I've had people accompany me doing the things that I enjoy. Most of the time, I spend doing things alone. Unlike many people, somehow they are able to find people to share it with. But I think I have different interests compared to most people.

I am really enjoying my life here in Madison. I know nothing can compare to home, because that is where my heart truly is. But I have been given the opportunity to study abroad and so I'm seizing every opportunity ahead of me. Some people don't even have an education abroad, therefore I am so thankful that I was able to get a scholarship to pay all my expenses here.

Let's be honest, studying here isn't really easy. I mean, anyone can get good grades. But the harder thing about studying here is assimilating within the new culture. You need to know who you are before you go abroad. You need to know what makes you comfortable. You need to know who your real friends are. You need to be patient. Challenges come in different forms and each one needs to be handled with patience. There's this English idiom/saying about travelers that I've learned in Arabic class:

يحب أن يكون له عينا سقر ليري كل  كل شيء، وأن يكون له أذنا حمار ليسمع كل شيء، وأن يكون له ظهر جمل لتحمل أي 
شيء، وساقا معزة لا تتعبان من المشي، وحقيبتان إحداحما امتلأت بالمال والأخرى بالصبر.

(It is necessary to have eyes like an eagle to see everything and to have ears like a donkey to hear everything, and to have the back like a camel to bear anything, and the legs of a goat so you won't be tired form walking, and 2 bags-- one filled with money and the other with perseverance.)

Nice kan? Although I find the choice of animals a little weird....anyway....

Some may not enjoy their stay abroad but I think that's really sad. Studying abroad can be enriching in so many ways. The experiences that you have is something that you can't learn from books. They're pretty priceless if you ask me :)

We shouldn't complain about what's wrong with our stay in the US. I know our days can be lonely and sometimes our expectations may have been to high, but we should focus on the bigger picture.

Not many people have been given this rezeki :)