Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Moment with Mat Kearney

Last weekend, I had the privilege of seeing Mat Kearney perform.

When I ask my friends whether they've heard of him, most say that they don't know him. But most of my American friends do. When i heard that he was going to perform in Madison, I was so excited. I started playing his songs back to back until my roommate becomes familiar with his songs.

His songs are very motivational. His lyrics has substance. When I'm sad or when I'm down, whenever I listen to his songs I feel like he's talking to me. It's like we're in the same boat.

You probably think I'm crazy and lame but sometimes life can be pretty challenging and at times, pretty lonely.

Sometimes you try really hard at something, and you wish so bad that you'd get it. You keep on trying and trying but sometimes trying hard seems pointless and you feel like giving up.

Of course, I tell myself that insyaAllah with good intentions, one day I will be rewarded. But just sometimes when you see how people who don't try hard often do so much better, they get what they want etc.

His songs somehow reflect that he's gone through all that too.

"If you find yourself lost out in this world, then i will find a way back to your side. No mountain is too high, no stone is too small I build a bridge through the fire, for you i would crawl from New York to California..."

From his song "From NY to California".

Okay, so by now you know I love him for his songs, and his music.

So last weekend my friend and I went to Overture Center and I was front row. It was nice because I was surrounded by girls so I felt safe and I didn't feel like I had to restrain myself.

Sometimes I felt like he was looking straight at me. LIKE REALLY STRAIGHT AT ME. I actually chose a bright colored hijab, hoping he'd notice me in the crowd. But then again I thought maybe I was just crazy.

As we were enjoying his performance, there was a group of 5-6 30 year-old women who just came in front of us and were making a racket, being all rowdy and stuff. They were rude, making so much noise when Mat was performing and talking. It was obvious that everyone didn't like them and how they were behaving. Some of them tried to go on stage 3 times. One of his staff had to tell them to get off the stage twice. And after that Mat KEarney had to tell her "Sorry, but you're gonna have to get off stage...".

All I can say is, "IN YOUR FACE!"

So after they left, I was just enjoying the music.

I think Mat was distracted by them, he probably didn't know how to deal with them because they were obviously his fans but they were being a nuisance.

After the concert was over, Liyana and I did our usual thing-- we waited for him at the back door.


After waiting in the cold, he finally came out.

"Hi, I'm Mat," he said.

"Sofiya", I blushed.

"You were in front where you?"


Of course, how couldn't he? I was the only girl wearing a head scarf in the whole concert.

I was just so happy <3

Of course after that I felt like I had to say something to him so i said....

"You should come to Malaysia!"

At that moment I was like oh what a stupid thing to say....

"I would love to," he said.

I felt like running away. So stupid haha.

Oh well, it was a good concert :)

I love you Mat KEarney!

Oh moral of the story: when you wanna meet an artist, think ahead of what you wanna say.