Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Small Space

In between classes, I often need to find an appropriate place to pray.

When I say a place I don't mean a surau or a masjid, but a corner of an empty class or a place in between bookshelves.

A small clean place for us to pray--for only around 10 minutes.

Sometimes your heart beats fast because of the surrounding that you're in while your praying, God knows whether or not my prayers are accapted. I hope so.

But today when I prayed Zuhur at the third floor of the Red Gym, I felt a certain calmness that you can't really describe.

Being a good Muslim can be difficult at times regardless of where you are. But practising Islam in a country where the majority aren't Muslims has certainly opened my eyes. It has made me think and appreciate things which I have taken granted before.

It's funny how this small space can make some people content and happy.