Saturday, November 12, 2011

Malaysia, where are we heading?

okay okay.

i know lately, i have been writing a lot about the enviornment and yadda yadda yadda. i know most people would laugh if they heard that i might wanna be an environmentalist because they can't imagine me without my dresses and being a serious person protecting the enviornment.

i think the issue is that most people think that environmentalists only protect the enviornment. when you hear 'enviornmentalist' you might imagine tree-hugging people.

but actually protecting the environment is more than just protecting the ecosystem.

we depend on these resources and how we value and manage them will determine how long we can use them. so if we don't manage this well, then we'll be in a lot of trouble.

coming from a developing country, trust me, i believe that we should thrive in this world and gain economic profit but at the same time i do believe that we should try to sustain what we have. people from certain countries believe that GDP is the real measurement of development but i think that's BS. the GDP doesn't really measure things like happiness. if we really hang on to that yardstick, then we'll be obsessed with making money, wanting to be "developed" like indsutrialized countries. their definition of "development" is different from what ours should be. i think most don't emphasize on spiritual growth and therefore in the race to increase wealth, we often lose our spirituality.

is there a model where we can grow economically and at the same time, sustain our environment? and of course, make sure that we also grow spiritually?

it seems like a lot to do.

trust me, I'm all for development but at the same time i care for the environment and the long term use that it provides.

so many questions, so many issues.