Sunday, October 30, 2011

Black and White

nothing is really black and white.

things would be easier sometimes right? if there's a line that draws between right and wrong.

but let's face it, life is far more complex than that.

yesterday my friends and i were hanging out in the kitchen and we were suddenly talking about general stuff and then suddenly someone brought up this speaker on campus who seems "liberal" pertaining to her views on Islam.

one of my friends said "She's Islamic eh? I didn't know that, i thought she was liberal".

in my opinion, that lady may be more liberal compared to what Malaysians are used to but i got thrown off when some people didn't think she was islamic or even had islamic concerns.

i guess we still have a framework where we attach religiosity and appearance. yes, appearance does in some extent reflect who we are as individuals but i think we forget that Allah is the one and only who can truly judge the heart. we forget that sincerity and or niat is important in determining whether our actions are accepted.

we forget that there are many views pertaining certain issues. i'm not saying that there are many truths or many versions of Islam but if they do things based on valid reasonings that do not clash with Islamic teachings, then we shouldn't really say that he or she is unislamic or whatever.

i thnk we should be more open minded and listen to different perspectives and chose what is right. i don't think we should curb certain speakers from speakers just because we, as Malaysians think that he or she is liberal.

if we keep on doing that, then we will never be able to think for ourselves.

i know that many people have difficulty in explaining about our faiths because we often do as we were taught, and never really contemplating WHY we are doing it. and when a non-Muslim questions us, we often just keep quiet because we are shocked by what we hear and most importantly, we do not know how to defend ourselves.

im not saying that liberalism is all that good, but we shouldn't think that there is only one perspective out there. we shouldn't attach religiosity and appearance because often times is misleading.

im not trying to preach. I'm not in the position to preach. but i don't think we should really think of other people in that way either because without realizing it, we are marginalizing them.

and is that what we really want?