Sunday, October 16, 2011

Really, What Do I Want to Be?

at this stage, i still don't know what i wanna be, the path i wanna take.

it looks like all my friends have figured things out. and as usual, i'm lost.

when i was young i wanted to be a policeman, then a fireman then...a singer.

apart of me wants to design clothes for muslim girls.

a whole part of me just wants to be a wife, and a mom.

but then as time passes by, the more time i spend doing readings for my 'environmental conservation' class, somehow i feel that malaysian environment needs to be protected.

and i'm not just talking about animal rights etc, going green etc.

of course that's important. but people often think that when we talk about the environment, humans aren't included.

but we very much are.

malaysia is a thriving developing country and iA we will continue to develop for the better.

however if we don't think about the important things such as the well being of our people and would rather gain economic gain, then in the long run, who will benefit?

somehow i think malaysians are generally not that environmental friendly.

am i wrong?

am i being too judgmental?

im not sure.

i just don't wanna malaysia to be one of those countries where the leaders are so keen on gaining economic gain that in reality, the people are suffering from different aspects such as health etc.

taking this course has opened my eyes.

i know many people think that malaysia might have other bigger problems but let's not forget that problems can arise from other aspects as well.