Monday, October 10, 2011


a few days ago, i called my dad through Skype and we were just catching up.

he was updating about his latest book that he has been working on and i was telling him about the courses that i am currently taking and why i love it so much.

despite taking 15 credits (in addition to 3rd semester arabic) and working 10 hours a week, i think i'm pretty much satisfied. Alhamdulillah, i am happy because for the first time in my life i actually feel like i'm independent. i know my dad can afford to give me money if i really needed it. in fact, he has told me to ask if i needed any but the the thing is, i was never really good at asking money from my parents especially because the US exchange rate is higher. ever since young. i was reluctant to ask but finally, i am making my own money so i don't have to depend on my parents all the time (financially that is).

i feel satisfied working, making my own money. it's not like i use to buy loads of stuff, i just like the idea that i have extra money whenever i need it. i'm still a frugal lil girl because i was never used to buying expensive stuff. i use most of my money to travel and nowadays, i think i don't think that much when I'm hungry huhuh.

more importantly, i am glad i found a part time job that suits me well. being an information guide makes me feel good because i'm able to assist people whenever they need help. as a parent program intern, I'm able to use my unique background as an international student to help parents of international students with quieries regarding school.

life is good, alhamdulilla :)