Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shopping Smart

by now i know you know i love fashion...

I've loved fashion ever since..whenever. but unfortunately, i don't have that much money. or wait, i just don't feel good about buying expensive things because i wanna save my money for something more like travel, a car HAHAHAHHAHA sigh only one day...

so, in the summer i decided to trade in my clothes that i can fit anymore/ the ones that I'm bored of to this vintage thrift store here on State Street called RETHREADS. i sold the hijabs that i know i will never wear again, my jeans that i can no longer fit and well, other things. and Alhamdulillah, i was able to get $50+ worth of coupon. I could get cash back but then I would get less in value. Might as well use the coupon to buy clothes there right hehehehe.

So recently I used up around $20 worth of coupon to buy these 3 amazing things....

my fall coat :)

working coat in the future :)

long tutup aurat baju :)

all of this under $20. hehehehehehee

oh yeah don't mind the creases because i just dumped everything in the bag hahaa.