Wednesday, August 24, 2011


These past few weeks i thought i was gonna take GRE and try to apply for grad school. i know...wth right? so random etc etc i totally made a mistake not thinking this through.

i just came back from my appointement with my advisor and i think my path of post-undergraduation totally took a 180 degree turn.

i see her like 2x a semester to guide me with my major and she has been such an amazing advisor.

when i mentioned that i wanted to do grad school, that surprised her because i guess i never mentioned this to her. i mean, to be honest i didnt plan to apply to grad school right after my undergrad. i didn't realize that time passed by so fast HAHA.

typical me. so blur. so dumb. sigh

anyway, when she heard that i wanted to apply to grad school, she asked me whether i knew i wanted to do and i said im not sure.

"you're not sure?" she frowned.

"uh-huh", i said.

"don't apply to grad school."

plain and simple.

she explained that grad school is totally different than undergrad. it doesn't open up doors, it closes doors. those were her exact words. she explained that if i didnt know what to do yet i should therefore consider waiting.

and i guess im not ready.

as usual.

she suggested that i could study for my GRE and take it in june next year. she also gave me tips or steps on things that i should be doing this year.

so this is how my academic year is going to look like:

1. GRE
2. Recommendation letters: i need 5. so i need to kiss my professors' a**es real well. the thing is, im not close to my professors. im only close to my arabic TAs since they are the ones teaching me, and maybe Dustin Cowell, who is the head of Arabic program. the other professor that I am close to longer in this school-GREATTTTT.
3. Gotta keep good records of my papers. sigh.
4. Do independent study if possible.

Hmmm. i dont think my senior year is gonna look so erm...relaxed next year. AMAZING.

oh well, i guess i should be happy that i found out late than never.

She also suggested that I take a few years, (1 or 2) to explore what i wanna do. maybe i don;t need grad school after all. maybe i'll know what it is i really want by then.

my mom said that grad school is easier than undergrad. my advisor told me that it's actually the total opposite.


jeez FREAKIN louiseeee

looks like i need to do a lot of research now....

good luck to me.