Friday, July 29, 2011

Post-New York

it has been like FOREVER since i went on a holiday.

being in a foreign land, being a foreigner, can be pretty difficult. most of the time, things are awesome and i am greatful for that, Alhamdulillah. but when you don't have your family members around you, you'd do anything to create your own.

my holiday was phenomenal.

i loved it.

it really feels good when you're able to go on vacation with your closest friends.

i felt really rejuvinated after the trip. i was ready to get back on board.

but at the same time, i was sad that i had to leave.

i feel really blessed for everything that God has given me.

it was super hotttt in NYC. i went during the heat wave and yeah, that made us really tired. we left the house like early morning and came back around 6pm because we couldn't take it anymore. the heat was killing us and it was killing my mood.

i enjoyed the sightseeing, eating (of course).

it was diifficult to find a spot to pray in NYC because NYC was dirty and it smelled hancing alomst everywhere. we found spots like at parks like the Central Park to pray. it did feel uncomfortable because people who pass by can see what we're doing, but they dont understand what we're doing. but we had to do what we had to do...

going on vacation with friends has definitely taught me something.

your true colors will show.

it was obvious that the only thing i did was plan certain things like: where we are gonna pray, should we bring food, etc etc...bring water yadda2.

i was useless in reading maps, finding out how to go about. i depended on my friends. entirely.

geez, i can be so useless sometimes HAHA.

but nvm. i think when i really need to survive i guess i will, right? no?


i was really happy <3