Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bitter Sweet

last weekend i went camping in northern wisconsin. at apostle islands.


well, i have always wanted to try different things. my family has never been on a camping trip.we're not that adventerous. we rarely go out etc but we're happy as a family so i don't really complain.

but then when i get married i hope all of us (husband+bro in laws+kids+etc) go on family trips esp camping. i think that would be fun.

it was a one night trip. a short one. but it took awhile to get there. 6 hours drive. then we had to take a boat ride to the island.

the scenary was beautiful. it wasnt too hot or anything. it was raining a little, kinda cold too.

we made a fire and made smores. it was just like in tho movies hehehehe.

there were restrooms but there weren't any place to bathe so we bathed in the lake. it wasnt a small lake, it was a big arse lake. kinda like an ocean. it's called lake superior one of the biggest great lakes.

we took turns making breakfast and dinner.

we also went hiking!

on the last day, we went kayaking. and we saw sea caves! it was beautiful. i was worried because somehow i thought we were gonna capsize. but Alhamdulillah, we were all fine.

i was happy but kinda sad that some of my seniors will be leaving very soon. they're a great bunch. they make really good company. there were many things i learned from them, though to them they may see themselves as not-the-best example, but then again in todays world, who is? you take the good and leave the bad. their small contributions has made a different in huge ways. from giving advice, to showing good silent examples.

you dont need to help a person every single day.

sometimes even the smallest help make a difference.

yes, silent examples. if that even makes any sense.

i really appreciate your company and most importantly, your help :)