Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Shining Star

this post is for my roommate, norihan omar.

i know i didnt write a card for your bday and maybe i havent been such a good roommate like how you are good to me.

i wanted to write this post for your bday.

but then i got distracted.

you may think people don't take you seriously, but i think you;re wrong.

people see you as a source of laughter.

i think you're the only person who can make a black and white picture colorful.

you give warmth to people.

people want you around because they like you making jokes, adding warmth and color to the environment.

you like to help people, you make everyone happy.

you always offer me help even if i dont ask you to.

like you sometimes fold my clothes when im busy and i come back late almost all the time last semester.

i remember when you made me bubur when i was sick.

and when you sapu minyak angin on my gross tummy and urut my kaki when i felt like i wanted to vomit.

thanks for keeping up with my crazy-ness. when i cry everytime i get stressed when i need to finish up my papers. or whenever i fight with you-know-who.

you;re such a good human being i wish i could be more like you.

you're very optimistic and you're not afraid to carve your own path now.

and im sorry if i havent been such a good friend to you like how good you are to me.

thank you for adding color to my life, noyan :)