Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Are You Planning on Being a Terrorist?"

while i was working today, i received a chat on the chat system we use at work.

her first questions were mainly about the school. so yeah, i had to answer them.

she asked whether im a student and then i started to tell her about myself, where im from, what im studying.

then she asked.

"are you planning on being a terrorist?"

i was surprised, but i wasnt offended.

instead, i laughed.

why did i laugh?

then i told my workmate what she had said and he said that i dont need to answer her and just let her down nicely.

but then i said, 'No. many americans learn the same things that i do."

why wasnt i offended?

am i immune to the fact that people associate middle east/international students with terrorism?

is that a bad thing? the fact that im so...immune?

i don't know.

but she was a high school kid. not a very smart one, but still. i know that a lot of kids are ignorant and today the theory is actually proven.

but why am i not offended?

i'm puzzled.