Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why We Need to Go Home

these past few days i have months i have been thinking.

i know many malaysians are unhappy with what is happening in malaysia-- politically, especially.

our country may not be perfect, but we need to realize that it is normal for countries to go through development.

i wouldn't know what the solution is.

but i do know that condeming Malaysia and putting another supposedly democratic country on a pedastal won't solve anything. no matter how imperfect our lives may be in Malaysia, at least we don't trump other nations.

we need to focus on the bigger picture.

i dont't agree on running away from problems. i don't think working overseas would do much to help the situation back home.

yes, there are many changes that need to be done.

we need to go home to make a difference. though it may be slow.

if we run away to other countries then where will Malaysia be in the future?

we need to think rationally.

equality has a deeper definition than just dividing something into equal proportions.

it's about giving things to those who need it most.

we often watch movies and think that our country should follow a certain template of state government. but remember, if something changes too quickly, bad things can happen.

let's try not to be too selfish, and be a little more giving.

and make our home a better place.