Friday, June 10, 2011


I learned that you really need to give your all when you want something to work out.

Today I went out with my friends Aya and Meghan. We were talking about our lives as Muslims. Eventhough we are culturally different, Meghan is American and Aya is Egyptian by the way, we share the same values. It's amazing how we experience the same things in life. It's nice to see that we have the same dreams. It's nice to know that my values that my parents have taught me, the values that many people think of as backward are also someone else's.

I was never alone.

Being friends with different people broadens my horizons. These girls are good Muslims, alhamdulillah. They make me reflect on my own actions and motivate me to change to be a better person.

Of course, my housemates have contributed a lot in this process as well. I am very blessed to have such good housemates.

I might be running away from my topic.

Along the lines of trying to achieve something, we also need to have faith that our destiny is in God's hands. we can try and yes, we should, but at times we forget that our naseeb is determined by God and we can only be patient and wait to see what the outcome is. i know that as humans, we tend to worry, especially me. we tend to worry about the future. i know having faith that all will be well is difficult, but i guess that's when having faith is important. it gives you ease in the present situation so that you aren't overly worried about thing that you cannot see.