Saturday, June 4, 2011

Post Midwest Games

the three day event that my committee members and i have been planning for is finally over.

for good.

this midwest games is like a 3 day sports day where all malaysians in the freakin US and Canada are invited to come and participate.

the preparation took one whole semester. to me, it seemed as though it took my whole life away.

okay, maybe im exaggerating a little.

but the stress that we experienced could amount to a stress that a person would experience in his lifetime hahahhahahaha. okay, another exageration.

but yes, it was very stressful.

there were so many last minute cancellations here and there, cancellations that were beyond our control. cancellations that would have and did, cause the event to be a little disappointing (to some).

apart from the last minute changes, suddenly there were 1000 pariticipants who signed up. we expected only 700, the most. 2-3 days before the registration dealine, suddenly the number of participants doubled. the overwhelming response caused a few major porblems. the first one was that we wouldnt have a hall to do the closing ceremony, and the second thing is that our caterers didn't have the man power to cook and tend to that big amount of people.

that was just the few stressful highlights of the events.

i was head of documentation, so i had to go around, taking pictures of every sport. but thank God, i received help from other students from other universities who were eager to become volunteers. i depended mostly on them because i couldnt be at 2 places at once. my campus is just too huge and to go from one point to another within the hour or so was juts taxing for me, or anyone at all.

did i mention i was also sick that week?

yeah.i was coughing so badly until there was a point that i had to just stop, run to the bathroom and put my face near teh toilet just in case i was gonna vomit. there was a point i coughed up phlegm as big as a quarter with a bit of blood in it (disgusting, i know).

i was very tired and stressed during the second day that when i went back home, i couldnt sleep but instead i had to cry to my very bestfriend. i would have died without him.

i think my friends and i did the best in our ablity, based on the fact that we initially didnt have much money to begin with. we were financially poor, and so at first we could only get such a menu for the closing night. when we actually received moeny from the government, we couldnt change anything. so basically the menu was rather disappointing and people were hungry.

and you know what that means.

tehy were very unhappy.

some of them posted harsh remarks on our facebook page.

to my surprise, some students backed us up. syaing that they know we probably didnt have the means to do such an extravagant event.

some of them event explained how tough and stressful the planning was that their friends who were committee members were running around here and there, so stressed out, that they even forgot to smile.

i don't know how other people like sonia, zainal, liyana, raj and shanaz were able to handle their part. they were in charge of sports and events. no matter how crappy the food might have been or how harsh the feedback is, i think they did a good job-- under the circumstances that we were in.

would i do this again?


did i regret being in it?

im not sure.

i dont like to regret being doing sure there is a hikmah behind what we did. it was a good experience. i learned that in order to have a good team, you shouldnt have smart people, but you should have sincere and passionate people. people who actually want to do the work.

i've learned to be more empathetic towards everything.

i've learned that next time, i should take a rest since my body and my mind and soul is not able to handle such a task in short amount of time.

i enjoyed meeting my friends, making new ones. i enoyed the bond that was created among some of the commitee members.

my grades were not affected but my health was. these past few weeks i've been all of over the place and so i have not been ontop of my game. because of that, i've been messing up with my work. i havent been performing well and so my supervisors called me up to see me in order to see what was going on.

i was terrified, thinking i'd lose my job and thinking that they would not be able to rely and trust me anymore.

but instead, they asked me how things were. they told me to communicate more with them, if i cant handle certain things.

i was grateful. grateful that i was given a second chance. this is my first job ever and so i guess i'm bound to make mistakes.

well, i hope i won't make any of these mistakes anymore.

by the way, check out the pics that i took:

i have to say, my picture taking skills aint bad at all ;)