Monday, April 11, 2011

"Le Grand Voyage"

This movie, is seriously something which i recommend you to watch.

it's a moroccan film. it's about a relationship between a father and son.

his father wanted to go to mecca. and so he asked his son to drive him all the way from morocco to mecca. the son was pretty angry with his dad because he had had to miss a few weeks of school which would cause him to fail-- for the second time. and he obviously didn;t want that.

through out the trip, you could see the tension between the two. the kid didn't say much to his dad, as a sign that he was angry.

weeks pass...or maybe just days. during on stop, he asked his father this question.

"why didn;t you just take the plane like everyone else?"

the father basically said it's better to take the more difficult route when you want to perform the hajj because when you go through difficulty before you perform the hajj, there's a lot of things that you will learn. you will become a new person, basically.

as they proceeded with their journey, the boy gradually learned more from his father. but it bothered me that he was being a pretty hot blooded young kid, and the fact that he sometimes direspected his father. it also bothered me that the father just didnt slap him to teach him a lesson. but yeah, he was going for hajj...he was supposed to be patient.

my favorite line from the movie was when his dad explained to his son why he was performing hajj. he said, "we are guests in this world. nothing belongs to us."

i was like wow. deep.

that was very true. we have to live this life like a traveller. was it a verse in the Quran that was talking about this, or a hadeeth? sigh, i dont remember. but i know it was mentioned that we Muslims must realize that everything here is actually God's possesion and therefore we need to not take things for granted and live life as thought today is our last day.

i enjoyed watching this movie a lot.

we had to watch it in our arabic class, on friday (cultural day!). i wish in malaysia we had more films like this. instead of stupid love and ghost movies.

this movie really touched my heart. and it made me think. a lot.