Monday, March 28, 2011

True Charity

True charity remembers not only those in need who ask, but also those who are prevented by some reason for asking. The man of true charity seeks out the latter. There may be various reasons which prevent a man from asking for help: 1) he may be ashamed to ask, or his sense of honor may prevent him from asking. 2) he may be so engrossed in some great deal that he may not think of asking; 3) he may not even know that he is in need, esp when we think of wealth and possessions in a spiritual sense, as including spiritual gifts and talents; 4) he may not know that you possess the things that can supply his needs; and 5) he may be a dumb and helpless creature, whether a human being or a dumb animal, or any creature within your ken or power. Charity in the higher sense includes all help, from one better endowed to one less well endowed.
S 51

Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

thank you for offering to help. though to you it may be small, to me, the difference is so great i don't know how to thank you :)

thank your for folding my clothes when i was busy.

thank you for offering to do my midwest work for me.

thank you for putting on minyak angin for me when i was sick hehehe.

geli la pulak mcm lesbo :p

let people know how nice you are, padan muka! hehe