Saturday, March 19, 2011

Going Back

(illi, alyaa and lisia)

the nicest part about going for a vacation is that you get to get away from things, take a break, detach yourself from reality just for a little while.

the hardest part is accepting reality--accepting the fact that you need to go back home, to go back to your daily routines.

i just don't feel like i wanna go back to studying just yet.

(pancakes--made of bananas and kelapa)

i like walking around, watching tv and getting sleep for more than 8 hours. it's rezeki that i don't normally get on my daily basis in madison, WI.

but i guess i know that life needs to go on.

the people in Buffalo are just very warm.

(betty crocker's instant brownies--too die forrr!)

Yesterday, we hung out to celebrate Bobby's birthday. I met one of aiman's friend Aliff, before the celebration. my first impression of him was that he was so sweet and shy. but on that night, all of them cracked such funny jokes that i swear, i couldn't stop laughing! i was literally tired of laughing!! i guess you can't judge a book by its cover right?

by the way, i have been eating non stop since my first day of spring break. at first syaza stuffed me with her lasagna (okayla, im lying. im stuffing my own face with lasagna hahahahhahha). then, we had like a big arse lobster. then during my stay in buffalo, alyaa and illi have always been cooking for my head i was thinking, 'oh no, i soooo need to hit the gym later on'.

(cake for bobby--at the backgroud you have cupcakes.....)

of course, there's another person who has been pampering me non-stop too...

at this moment, i totally fell reluctant to go back, to start school.

but i guess i should just take these experiences that i've been having as a way to rejuvenate myself to last through my busy semester! ahhahaha


ok, let's try this one out.