Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Week in Buffalo, NY

this is my third day in buffalo, NY. and i have to say, i like it.

of course nothing can beat madison. but i guess im enjoying my stay here because of the company.

i have to admit, everything is almost within walking distance in madison. i guess that's what i like most.

but whatever it is, i decided to give this place a chance hahahaha. i visited niagara falls, the shopping places, the campus etc.

i've been staying at alyaa's house and i have to say she is so darn nice, i think she's like my mom or something. syaza was like this too but i guess i didn't expect this from alyaa because we didn;t know each other at all before i came here. and her roomate is so sweet and nice too. they were so nice i felt guilty staying here for more than just a couple of days. i decided that we had to cook for them at least for a few days, so that they didnt have to burden themselves tending to me. and i was also suprised at her hospitality because she's younger than me.

oh yeah, syaza and rassyid asked me to sleep in their room while they slept in the living room. thank God i only stayed for a night! i would have felt sooo guilty staying there for more than a night. unfortunately, they were going to start their classes soon so i wouldn't be able to stay too long anyways.

but i guess this is what malaysian hospitality is all about. similiar to syaza, they didn't let me help much in the kitchen. i felt uneasy because normally when i went back to kelantan, my mom would cook breakfast + lunch + dinner and we'd be the ones to help. that was what we did most of the time when we went back. so just sitting down on the couch while the host cooks makes me feel as though i was rude, hahaha.

i have arabic homework to do, and i should start to research on my papers. oh right, and of course, i have midwest work to catch up on. i guess i'll do that tomorrow. i'll be going back to madison on saturday morning. yes, i know, one whole week away from home. this is a break and i think i really deserve it. i know when the school reopens, i'll be busy and get stressed all over again.

i'm just enjoying my break so much i hope i feel energized to continue on with the semester with more enthusiasm and not feel like i don't wanna go to class (sigh).