Monday, March 14, 2011

My One Night Stay in Pittsburgh

it's 746 am on a Monday morning. currently im in buffalo now, writing this post.

i decided that i should write all my memory down before i get too tired, before i forget. i think this vacay deserves one post for itself.

my flight to pittsburgh was okay. it was delayed only for a few minutes but i was still happy.

when i arrived in pittsburgh, it was a sunny day. pretty warm too. i felt stupid wearing boots and a coat.but then again i was happy that on the first day, we had good weather.

as i was waiting for syaza to pick me up at the bus stop, i was looking around, dragging my small luggage while notising that the enviornment in Pittsburgh. i have to admit (reluctantly) that it is a nice place. the buildings are intricately designed. it was a big city, but not too big like NY or anything. the downtown area had a lot of churches. then in my head i was thinking, are the people in pittsburgh relgiious or something?how come we don't have such big churches and cathedrals in Madison?

on the first night, we spent more time in syaza's house hanging out. she made really good lasagna and big succulent hot dogs. i'd have to stay, i think her lasagna was perfect. it wasnt dry nor bland. it was really good (and i'm not just saying this, i do really mean it). it had a good amount of everything.

later that night we played 'Kinect'. of course, as usual you can imagine i'm a crappy player when it comes to....wait...EVERYTHING. i looked really stupid and i was really stupid hahahahhahaa and they had a good time laughing at me. but it's okay, i'm used to being the center of entertainment (due tue my own stupidity that is). it felt like old days, where people weren't so afraid of me and where people enjoyed making fun of me all.the.time.

after playing kinect, all of us watched a scary movie entitled 'the orphanage'. it was a slow but good movie. everyone seemed to undertsand the ending except for me hahaha.biase la tu.

the next day, we walked around downtown. it was pretty cold and windy the next day but yeah, who cares. i enjoyed walking around, looking at the different architecture of things. syaza (and aiman too) enjoyed playfully putting down madison. i didnt mind because yeah, i guess physically madison doesnt have much to offer-- like we dont' have skyscrapers and well, nothing interesting to tourists.

but no matter what people would sat about madison being just a farm village or whatever, i still take a lot of pride in being a badger. its' the experience you get here, from the things you do, and the people you hang with. the excitement is in the subtleness of the place. whatever it is, i just love it here <3

back to the point.

later for lunch we went to joe's crabs. and guess what we ordered? jeng jeng jeng...


and i had one whole bymyself muahahahhahahahhahaa.

it was $40 for 2 lobsters and shrimps and clams. and MasyaAllah, it was sooooo delicious. i was so happy i think i wanna write how i feel in Arabic hahahahhaa.

but yeah, the meat was sooo juicy and delicious. i didnt give a @$#$#$ about looking ladylike while cracking the lobster. all i wanted was the food hahahahhaha.

Alhamdulillah, i enjoyed my stay in Pittsburgh.

that was just the beginning of my spring break. wait until i write about my stay in Buffalo :)