Thursday, March 10, 2011

Keeping Quiet

my parents have always told me if i don't understand something,go straight to my teacher.

if something is unclear ask my teacher.

i've always been the type that seeks help from my teachers especially here since sometimes I feel like i can't catch up and because sometimes i don't have friends in my classes to explain to me the vague concepts.

especially this semester, i haven't missed a class because i'm afraid if i do miss, then i won't be able to catch up.sometimes i sooo hate reading the thick books, i'd rather go to class and listen to what the teacher has to say.

lately, i've been a little lost in one class. learning a different language isn't easy, let alone if the instruction in class is in the language itself.

unfortunately, i'm a slow learner but because of that, it drives me to work hard. if i don't understand something, i always ask my teacher.

since i've been having difficulty understanding the materials, i saw my teacher and honestly confessed my concerns to him. i was being completely honest with my problems and thank God, he understood (i think).

and so ever since then i've been asking Qs. but they weren't that many. but somehow i think i come across as annoying to my teacher. or maybe i offended him. i don't know.

yes, sometimes i do get stressed in class if i don't understand something. if i don't understand something, it kind of annoys me. i ask my friends and soemtimes they dont know. or sometimes i just ask them because i'm curious.

but now i guess i shouldn't. at least i should try not to.

i just feel like i bothered him.

i'm sad. i want to learn arabic and i really wanna do well that's why i'm concerned even though to my teacher it's small. but i don't think i'm the only one. other people have the same trouble too it's just that they ask their previous teachers but i can't do that because she's teaching something else. i definitely know i'm not the only one.

somehow now i feel like my concerns with arabic is just silly.

at least im trying. though it may not show because maybe i look spaced out in class, which sometimes i am. sometimes, it can get pretty intense. i'm also a little intimidated by my friends and if course my instructor too.

i think i'll just keep quiet now.