Friday, July 29, 2011

Post-New York

it has been like FOREVER since i went on a holiday.

being in a foreign land, being a foreigner, can be pretty difficult. most of the time, things are awesome and i am greatful for that, Alhamdulillah. but when you don't have your family members around you, you'd do anything to create your own.

my holiday was phenomenal.

i loved it.

it really feels good when you're able to go on vacation with your closest friends.

i felt really rejuvinated after the trip. i was ready to get back on board.

but at the same time, i was sad that i had to leave.

i feel really blessed for everything that God has given me.

it was super hotttt in NYC. i went during the heat wave and yeah, that made us really tired. we left the house like early morning and came back around 6pm because we couldn't take it anymore. the heat was killing us and it was killing my mood.

i enjoyed the sightseeing, eating (of course).

it was diifficult to find a spot to pray in NYC because NYC was dirty and it smelled hancing alomst everywhere. we found spots like at parks like the Central Park to pray. it did feel uncomfortable because people who pass by can see what we're doing, but they dont understand what we're doing. but we had to do what we had to do...

going on vacation with friends has definitely taught me something.

your true colors will show.

it was obvious that the only thing i did was plan certain things like: where we are gonna pray, should we bring food, etc etc...bring water yadda2.

i was useless in reading maps, finding out how to go about. i depended on my friends. entirely.

geez, i can be so useless sometimes HAHA.

but nvm. i think when i really need to survive i guess i will, right? no?


i was really happy <3

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bitter Sweet

last weekend i went camping in northern wisconsin. at apostle islands.


well, i have always wanted to try different things. my family has never been on a camping trip.we're not that adventerous. we rarely go out etc but we're happy as a family so i don't really complain.

but then when i get married i hope all of us (husband+bro in laws+kids+etc) go on family trips esp camping. i think that would be fun.

it was a one night trip. a short one. but it took awhile to get there. 6 hours drive. then we had to take a boat ride to the island.

the scenary was beautiful. it wasnt too hot or anything. it was raining a little, kinda cold too.

we made a fire and made smores. it was just like in tho movies hehehehe.

there were restrooms but there weren't any place to bathe so we bathed in the lake. it wasnt a small lake, it was a big arse lake. kinda like an ocean. it's called lake superior one of the biggest great lakes.

we took turns making breakfast and dinner.

we also went hiking!

on the last day, we went kayaking. and we saw sea caves! it was beautiful. i was worried because somehow i thought we were gonna capsize. but Alhamdulillah, we were all fine.

i was happy but kinda sad that some of my seniors will be leaving very soon. they're a great bunch. they make really good company. there were many things i learned from them, though to them they may see themselves as not-the-best example, but then again in todays world, who is? you take the good and leave the bad. their small contributions has made a different in huge ways. from giving advice, to showing good silent examples.

you dont need to help a person every single day.

sometimes even the smallest help make a difference.

yes, silent examples. if that even makes any sense.

i really appreciate your company and most importantly, your help :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Shining Star

this post is for my roommate, norihan omar.

i know i didnt write a card for your bday and maybe i havent been such a good roommate like how you are good to me.

i wanted to write this post for your bday.

but then i got distracted.

you may think people don't take you seriously, but i think you;re wrong.

people see you as a source of laughter.

i think you're the only person who can make a black and white picture colorful.

you give warmth to people.

people want you around because they like you making jokes, adding warmth and color to the environment.

you like to help people, you make everyone happy.

you always offer me help even if i dont ask you to.

like you sometimes fold my clothes when im busy and i come back late almost all the time last semester.

i remember when you made me bubur when i was sick.

and when you sapu minyak angin on my gross tummy and urut my kaki when i felt like i wanted to vomit.

thanks for keeping up with my crazy-ness. when i cry everytime i get stressed when i need to finish up my papers. or whenever i fight with you-know-who.

you;re such a good human being i wish i could be more like you.

you're very optimistic and you're not afraid to carve your own path now.

and im sorry if i havent been such a good friend to you like how good you are to me.

thank you for adding color to my life, noyan :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Are You Planning on Being a Terrorist?"

while i was working today, i received a chat on the chat system we use at work.

her first questions were mainly about the school. so yeah, i had to answer them.

she asked whether im a student and then i started to tell her about myself, where im from, what im studying.

then she asked.

"are you planning on being a terrorist?"

i was surprised, but i wasnt offended.

instead, i laughed.

why did i laugh?

then i told my workmate what she had said and he said that i dont need to answer her and just let her down nicely.

but then i said, 'No. many americans learn the same things that i do."

why wasnt i offended?

am i immune to the fact that people associate middle east/international students with terrorism?

is that a bad thing? the fact that im so...immune?

i don't know.

but she was a high school kid. not a very smart one, but still. i know that a lot of kids are ignorant and today the theory is actually proven.

but why am i not offended?

i'm puzzled.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why We Need to Go Home

these past few days i have months i have been thinking.

i know many malaysians are unhappy with what is happening in malaysia-- politically, especially.

our country may not be perfect, but we need to realize that it is normal for countries to go through development.

i wouldn't know what the solution is.

but i do know that condeming Malaysia and putting another supposedly democratic country on a pedastal won't solve anything. no matter how imperfect our lives may be in Malaysia, at least we don't trump other nations.

we need to focus on the bigger picture.

i dont't agree on running away from problems. i don't think working overseas would do much to help the situation back home.

yes, there are many changes that need to be done.

we need to go home to make a difference. though it may be slow.

if we run away to other countries then where will Malaysia be in the future?

we need to think rationally.

equality has a deeper definition than just dividing something into equal proportions.

it's about giving things to those who need it most.

we often watch movies and think that our country should follow a certain template of state government. but remember, if something changes too quickly, bad things can happen.

let's try not to be too selfish, and be a little more giving.

and make our home a better place.