Monday, April 25, 2011

My Graduating Seniors

i dread this day.

the day that our seniors would be leaving us.

i really don't want this day to come.

i'm not trying to be corny or whatever, but before i came here, i didnt know that there were such nice people. i've never met anyone as nice as these people. they helped define what madison meant for us when we first got here. when we were clueless, stupid and lost, they helped us find out way. i didn't regret helping them out when they needed me, and most importantly, i didnt regret preparing for their graduation party yedterday night eventhough my life is swamped with work.

you guys are just so awesome and therefore i think you should be celebrated in a lavish manner.

so, this is what happened yesterday night.

you know how these past few days i have been complaining how stressful my life has been and how i miss home. but eventhough i have an arabic quiz at 950 this morning, my commitee members and i have been preparing a lot for this event. we've been dancing these past few days to get all the moves right.

oh yeah, did i mention that we actually danced to micheal jackson's 'thriller' and keisha's 'tik tok'?

yeah, i know right. can you seriously imagine me dancing?

the best part is, i had 2 big spiders coming out of my tudung and all of us were wearing 'bloody' stained shirts.

it started off with my two guyfriends watching a scary movie. then one of them went to bathroom, and then the song thriller came up. as the intro was being played, zombies (that's us) were walking through the crowds and congreated on the dance floor to strutt our stuff.

it started okay but in the middle we forgot the moves....the ending was okay, i think. i dont care how stupid i looked because i was just very happy that all of them enjoyed themselves. they told me they couldnt stp laughing and that really made every second of embarassment worth it :)

i really don't want them to leave. they really are the most fun people in madison.

my best times in madison have been spent with you.

all of you will truly be missed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


i miss home.

and emir.

this is the time of the semester where i just don't give a damn about how i perform and i just want things to be over so i can have a calm life.

it's the end of april and it's still snowing.

i cant wait for summer...

Monday, April 11, 2011

"Le Grand Voyage"

This movie, is seriously something which i recommend you to watch.

it's a moroccan film. it's about a relationship between a father and son.

his father wanted to go to mecca. and so he asked his son to drive him all the way from morocco to mecca. the son was pretty angry with his dad because he had had to miss a few weeks of school which would cause him to fail-- for the second time. and he obviously didn;t want that.

through out the trip, you could see the tension between the two. the kid didn't say much to his dad, as a sign that he was angry.

weeks pass...or maybe just days. during on stop, he asked his father this question.

"why didn;t you just take the plane like everyone else?"

the father basically said it's better to take the more difficult route when you want to perform the hajj because when you go through difficulty before you perform the hajj, there's a lot of things that you will learn. you will become a new person, basically.

as they proceeded with their journey, the boy gradually learned more from his father. but it bothered me that he was being a pretty hot blooded young kid, and the fact that he sometimes direspected his father. it also bothered me that the father just didnt slap him to teach him a lesson. but yeah, he was going for hajj...he was supposed to be patient.

my favorite line from the movie was when his dad explained to his son why he was performing hajj. he said, "we are guests in this world. nothing belongs to us."

i was like wow. deep.

that was very true. we have to live this life like a traveller. was it a verse in the Quran that was talking about this, or a hadeeth? sigh, i dont remember. but i know it was mentioned that we Muslims must realize that everything here is actually God's possesion and therefore we need to not take things for granted and live life as thought today is our last day.

i enjoyed watching this movie a lot.

we had to watch it in our arabic class, on friday (cultural day!). i wish in malaysia we had more films like this. instead of stupid love and ghost movies.

this movie really touched my heart. and it made me think. a lot.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

اللغة العربية (Arabic Language)

this is my third semester taking arabic. insyaAllah, i will take third semester in fall 2011. i could even take fourth semester. but let's see, if i have the energy to take up until 4th semester.

eventhough arabic is not easy to learn, but no one can deny that arabic is a very beautiful language. i don't know how to explain it, but my classmates and i are very interested in arabic. eventhough we complain about the difficulty of it, we enjoy it at the same time. it's a love-hate relationship that we have.

i never went to religious school even when i was in primary school. so i had to study from the beginning. but at least i am familiar with many of the words because many malay words are taken from arabic.

arabic isn't just the language of the Quran. but it's the language of our nation too. yes, i mean malaysia. why do i say this? because most of our vocabs are taken from arabic. like SERIOUSLY! my teacher probably thinks i know arabic well whenever he asks what's the meaning of a word and then i just take a wing at it. i basically just try to guess the word, to see whether it may be the same malay word. and many times, i am right. but my grammar is all over the place hahahahahhahaa.

so anyways, based on the fact that most of our vocab consist of arabic words, it tells us something. it illustrates the history of our nation when arab traders came to malaya to trade. eventually, arab traders taught islam to leaders and eventually i guess that's how that explains where we get out vocabs from.

i know my illustration of our history right now should be given a C, but you get my point, right? (please pretty please say yessss!). now i understand why some scholars back in malaysia opposed when the government wanted to change the teaching of science and math in english. i don't think it's so much about malay autnomy (for me, at least) but it's about the history of our nation. langauge reflects a lot about history, culture etc. the malay language shows were we come from, and how the our country was formed.

i wish i had the time to learn malay under my grandfather, Allahyarham Asraf. people addressed him as Pak Asraf. he was known as a 'tokoh bahasa' back in his days and he knew the malay language well. he taught malay to one of the head of the arabic langaue here, dustin cowell. teachers in school didn't teach malay like how my grandfather did. too bad, i was too young when he was around and therefore couldn't really learn under him.

i know that many people would oppose what i mentioned previously but i don;t know...i am quite surprised at how patriotic and nationalistic i have been in america.

but yeah, you should definitely learn arabic. it's really important. do it if you have the chance.