Friday, August 14, 2009

Somewhere In Between

i enjoyed the temporary bliss
when i leave it is you that i'll truly miss

as time painfully goes by
there's a heavy feeling that i can't deny

oh how i wish things could go back to the way they were
without shattered glass, where no one was hurt

but now...
you sit quietly in the corner
guarding yourself from the pain
while i am lying here
wondering whether i'll ever see your face again

sometimes i have images of you in my head
with myself in the past, finding something that is now dead

pardon me, for my stupidity
i get carried away thinking of things that will never be

even though we both called it through
deep down inside i still think of you

you and i both know it wasn't right
we were never meant to win this imaginary fight

so i guess i have no choice but to push you out of me
since i know soon i'll be nothing but a faded memory



0-0 said...

sob sob...beautiful...:)

beb mentoot said...

haha peng, u almost sounded gay there.


jussssstttttt joking!

thanks, man.

Aiman said...

peng IS gay actually, hahaha :P

beb mentoot said...

aiman: yeah. and YOU'RE his gay partner.hehehe :p

Qaisy Jaslenda said...


beautiful, really.

and it reminds me of
"terkadang untuk menyintai, lepaskannya pergi"