Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dear God


i draw myself closer to You
hoping You'll get me through
i whisper Your Holy Words
hoping i'll be free like a bird

please give me a blanket to keep me warm
can You please keep me safe through the storm?
oh God, will You wash away my tears?
will You free me from all my fears?

You're the only one who can keep me calm through the night
You're the only one who can guard me from satan's bite

will i ever see the Light of day?
can You please lead me through the way?

i don't want something temporary
i want something real
i want something that will last forever
i want the real deal

please give me the strength to be strong
please give me a place where i belong

forgive me sometimes when i am absent minded
by the human temptation i am easily blinded

all i want is a happy long life
a loving husband, for me to be a good wife
i know those days are still far
but i can't stop wondering of the Star
wondering if i'll ever be happy
wanting to be good to You for eternity

i wonder if i'll pass through the gates of heaven
God please free me from this wordly burden

forgive me, for all the sins i've done
a new chapter in my life has begun

God oh God, please wash away my sins
God oh God, please purify me form within

God oh God, please forgive me for my past
Your light is the only thing that can make me last

God oh God, will you please comfort me
as i step onto The Land of The Brave And The Free.



syazana said...

syazana likes this!**thumbs up**

no worries babe.HE hears and knows all.=)

p/s:invite me to ur wedding day forget nono okay.hah ha.sure ur kids kelak chomelchomel.*_*

tkuk said...

this is super nice!

beb mentoot said...

syazana: ur influence. hehehe

tkuk: thanks, babe. how is uiuc going?

syazana said...

heh he.^_*

nnt nk join kitaorng main go kart? jom!

beb mentoot said...

gokart? when? kat shah alam? sape lg yg gi?

tkuk said...

uiuc kekurangan orang!!!
thanks to you, who decided to go to wisc tuu
ok, i'm joking.
everything's ok, setakat ni la.
hope u and noyan bulih berbahagia di sana. yeah~

0-0 said...


beb mentoot said...

peng: :)

thanks, man. hehe