Sunday, December 16, 2007

Unexpected Changes

back in the past.

(frm left:huda,azreen,asha,me,dayah)

these past few weeks boredom has been killing me. i'm surprised how i'm still alive. my days used to be filled with giggles and amazingly ridiculous activites done by me and my friends. God, i seriously miss you people....

since i have a a lot of time on my hands, i have done some thinking while lying down on my bed all alone....

playing cops and robbers (for a surprise party)

God, i miss school. of course college is great and all but somehow i still miss my highschool days. i know many of you have heard that i spent my last two years in a boarding school. yes, at first i hated it. i hated every single thing about boarding school. the people, the was just too...mechanichal for me. i remembered how hard it was for me to breathe during my first year there. there was no time for any rest. there was no time to do anything besides studying,actually.i mean, at least that is what i thought at that time. i didn't know how to adapt myself to the new life i was tough for me back then.

i would always complain to my sister about the stress that i had to undergo and she would always tell me that time will fly faster that you would imagine. and she was right.

i don't know why i keep thinking of these people that i met there. why is it different from the rest of the people that i meet?

i guess it's because these people have unexpectedly changed me. i never imagined that i'd be friends with some of them. people in my boarding school seemed more...united despite where they camefrom and how they looked.i guess that's the part that i like the most. of course, there were different cliques and everything but in general, everyone did mix with most people.mostly,la...

you wanna who are the people that i keep thinking of?

what the hell was i doing?

1. okay. the letoperzzz goes whithout saying. yeah, those crazy ass girls really did turn my life upside down. i needed the kick. u girls are seriously the best thing that ever happened to me.

2. the guy who challeged me to become a better person. if i hadn't met you, i would have never touched the newspaper,never would i wanted to know more about the world. seriously. i was that bad.

3. the guy who sat behind me last year. man, without you, prep would have been excruciatingly boring! you made me laugh by being yourself in class. i liked the fact that you bothered me in class and the fact that you told me things that you shouldn't have. in the end we became close and we do contact each other from time to time. most importantly, you made me laugh. and i will not forget the day you tried to pujuk me by offering me choki2 when you thought you made me cry.cute~

in between qaisy and nadzrin fashli.

4. my roommates. thanx for letting me sing out loud and scream whenever i wanted to.

5. my karate mates. we would not have been the centre of attention if you guys hadn't created those jackie chan stunts. seriously, you guys rocked the day!!

6. the person who willingly helped me with my computer science project. you're the sweetest person i know. too bad you're not there, yet....

7. the people who helped me through thick and thin, who taught me every single thing i didn't know. thanks for being patient. :)

these are the people that have molded me into a better person. i've learned to adapt myself to various situations and mix with people from so many backgrounds. and the fact that i could mix with people with different erm....thinking is an achievement, i have to say.

before this, i thought that my people would be going to the dumps, but when i met these amazing people, my eyes opened. what you see outside cannot be measured with their capability. i have never met people who are more energetic, talented,creative, intelligent and humorous than they.

i wish one day we all can meet again.


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